Why do we need it?

Why now? Development in the study area has outpaced transportation improvements and capabilities. Congestion is widespread today, with 1/4 of the roadway network congested during rush hours. Inefficient use of roadway adds to congestion and delays. Travel during rush hours is unreliable, with 50% variability from origin to destination. (i.e. if the average/expected time for a specific trip is 30 minutes, it can take as little as 15 minutes or as long as 45 minutes, making it hard to plan your trip)

The ability of the region’s transportation network to accommodate both past and future population and employment growth is an important quality of life issue for those who live and work in northern Cook, eastern McHenry and Lake counties. While there have been decades of discussion and multiple studies about how best to address congestion, limited action has resulted in severe strain on the region’s transportation network. In fact, today about a quarter of the roadway network is congested during rush hours and by 2050, the total time added to travel due to congestion-related delays during rush and shoulder periods is expected to grow by more than 45 percent.

The Tri-County Access Project is a comprehensive, regional study and public discussion that will rely upon information, stakeholder involvement and public input to identify environmentally and fiscally responsible options to better meet transportation demands and in Cook, McHenry and Lake Counties.